This blog is about anything and everything that I feel like writing. The target audience is me, but if you can muster the perseverance to read on, please do so.

My name is Mads, and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I have an AP in Computer Science which I a couple of years back decided wasn’t “enough” for me, so I started studying Computer Science. I like bad jokes, I like recursion, why not make a recursive joke of myself, I thought. Somehow I got into university where I now struggle with the terrible syntax of math and try to teach first years why printf is the first call they’ll ever make and the last call they’ll actually understand.

I’ve had computers on my mind since I played DOOM as a five-year old. I have always been more interested in why and how they worked, than in actually doing things with computers. Why use something when you can tear it apart instead?
Though the main topic of this blog will be computers and programming-related, I dabble in a wide array of topics from analog drum machines to intersectional feminism. If I’m particularly intrigued or annoyed by something, I might write about that as well.

The Name
Why is it called Closed Circuit Camera? I like taking pictures, and this domain used to host a small gallery with some of those pictures. I never expected anyone but myself to find the site, so it was a closed circuit camera, like closed circuit television, or CCTV. (I do have a terrible sense of humour). I like the name, so it stays. I expect the closed circuit property to hold up, but Closed Circuit Random Ramblings doesn’t sound as nice.

Using code from this site
If you find any piece of code on my site, odds are I either stole that from somewhere, or stole it from somewhere and modified it.
If you want to use a piece of code found on my site, I have a few simple rules:
1) Don’t make money off of it.

If you do make money from it anyway, donate it to a good cause. I might make a list of suggested orgs, but LGBTQIA+ rights groups and ocean/environmental conservationist groups are good choices. If in doubt, ask yourself “Will this donation piss off Donald Trump?”. If yes, donate.
2) Don’t be a bad person. Though highly unlikely, if I ever find my code in a missile guidance system, i will guide some missiles in your direction.
3) Tell me. You can reach out on mads[at]cccamera[dot]dk.