Pranking Mac Salespeople (and wasting your time)

This is really stupid, but also a good excuse to get to know your terminal.

Most computer stores sell Macs these days. Most salespeople are good at their pitches and bad at computers. Most stores have their Macs running so you can try them out, tempting you to buy one. All Macs have python and netcat installed. I wonder if that can be hoisted into a good old geeky prank?
Spoiler: It can. That is exactly what this post is about. It is also a major waste of time for everyone involved. Please read on. If you’re more into visuals, here’s a youtube clip of me wasting time.

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Shun the IDE, OpenGL with Make for me!

For long I’ve been wanting to get into OpenGL, hopefully this time being able to understand what is going on. I last looked into Java and LWJGL back when minecraft was peaking. It seems millennia has passed since then.

So, my current situation, techwise:

I’m running OS X (well, macOS, but the unnecessary new name can go to Redmond), and as an avid user of BASH and Emacs, IDEs give me the creeps. I prefer languages where a “test program” can be written in one, maximum two files. I want to be able to compile my program by hand, especially if it’s only one or two files. By hand I of course mean through my shell, using make.
Surely the cascading hellscapes of modern IDEs, with all their fancy buttons, web news feeds, package managers and Microsofty ways to fuck up git integration is unnecessary. At least if I’m only trying to do something simple and stupid, say, like using my graphics card for drawing a triangle. Right? Riiight?
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