Things to read instead of my blog

This wretched world is inhabited by many people who are smarter, more funny, better at what they do and in general just fitter happier than me. I thank you sincerely for your stop at my blog, and suggest you direct your browser in any of the following directions instead:

Joel on Software
Joel is amongst other things CEO and co-founder of StackOverflow. His blog is brilliant and has been translated to multiple languages and is even published in dead tree format! His site is a much better place to waste your time and bytes than mine. The link will take you to a post called “The Duct Tape Programmer”, something we should all strive to be.

Jeff Atwoods Coding Horror
Joel of course didn’t build StackOverflow by himself. Jeff Atwood had a part in that as well! Jeff writes similarly to Joel, but a bit more tongue in cheek. Give it a read!

Fabien Sanglard – Deep Magic Explained
Fabien breaks code apart so you don’t have to. Fabien is the author of the brilliant Game Engine Black Book series, which i cannot recommend enough. If you have played PC games in the 90’s and one of Wolfenstein, Doom or John Carmack rings a bell, go flaunt your credit card immediately. The site contains many interesting posts, but i think the code reviews are some of the best parts of the internet. If Code reviews of Doom (and it’s iphone 3g port), Quake{1,2,3}, Doom and Doom 3, and post titles like “Let’s compile like it’s 1992” get’s your juices flowing, this is a site for you.

International Journal of Proof of Concept or Get The Fuck Out
Better known as PoC||GTFO, this is a brilliant zine containing all sorts of weird stuff you never thought anyone would want to do. Write tetris in a boot-sector? You got it. Make a pdf that is simultaneously code for the Apollo missions Guidance Systems? You got it. Oh, it’s also a zip, because someone could.
I recommend the dead tree version of PoC || GTFO from No Starch Press if you want a neat bible on your shelf. It “only” contains the first 9 issues of the zine, but the rest will come soon.
If you want the zine in all it’s glory, you need the pdf versions. You can find them in numerous places, but here’s a link to a mirror