Tools that need love

I write a lot of regular expressions. At least once per week, I find a problem where I need a regex.
Some years back I fell in love with regexr.
This tool allows you to check the matches your regex will give, on data you define.

I attend university, so I write \LaTeX more often than I am willing to admit. Often I spot a symbol somewhere and want to reproduce it. Instead of googling until my fingers bleed, I try drawing the symbol in Detexify, and usually it gives me the \LaTeX I need to put it in my report.

Homebrew is the package manager that macOS has always needed.
If you are not using brew, you are missing out.

Row Operations to Latex Generator
Probably the only useful thing I’ve created. It allows you to interactively solve systems of linear equations and will print pretty \LaTeX you can copy paste into your reports.
If you need to write row operations in \LaTeX, just don’t. Use my generator and make solving linear equations a game instead of a chore. (Intentionally does not include a solver. Students need to do their homework, but \LaTeX can be a chore).